Organizing your closet for your fall wardrobe can be challenging. With tall boots, heavier sweaters, cardigans, and other layers, it seems like you need more space than you ever did before. However, with the proper closet design, you don’t have to make more space, you simply have to use the space you have in a smarter way. Here are 5 closet organizer ideas for your fall wardrobe.

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

One of the best closet organizer ideas is to take advantage of the space you have that you’re not already using. In many cases, it’s the door. The inside of the door can be a great place to store smaller shoes in an over-the-door shoe organizer. Many shoe organizers are made of plastic or metal, which can bang against the door and become quite annoying when you open and close the door. A good closet design can include an over-the-door shoe organizer that is built into the door!

Dividers for Folded Sweaters

Many sweaters are best folded instead of hung up, and most closets have at least one shelf above the rack to put folded clothes. However, it’s difficult to make folded clothes stay in stacks, which can create a disorganized mess that is likely to come toppling down on your head if you pull a sweater just the wrong way. Use dividers or partitions to keep your folded sweaters in neat stacks. Custom closets often have sections built in for folded stacks of clothing, making it simple.

An Area for Upcoming Outfits

Partition off a part of your closet to put outfits for the upcoming week or special events. The last thing you want to do while you’re groggy in the morning is try to match blouses, pants, and shoes. Instead, put together your outfits for the next week when you have time and store them in a special place in your closet where they are easily accessible.

Tall Boot Storage

Tall boots are a fall essential, but you certainly can’t keep them in a regular shoe rack. Look for a shoe organizer with specific storage for boots and store them at the bottom of your closet. Custom closets are also an excellent way to ensure you have the space you need to store your tall boots in the fall and winter without them getting in the way of anything else.

Hangers with Clips

Hangers with clips are critical to every fall wardrobe. It’s easy for the closet to become a mess when cardigans and jackets are slipping off hangers onto the floor, getting wrinkled and dirty and needing to be washed again before you ever had the chance to wear them. Not to mention, you may want to hang up your leggings instead of putting them away in your dresser drawers, so you can easily see and pair them with tunics, sweaters, and other layers. Hangers with clips also keep your delicate sweaters from getting bumps in the shoulders.

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