Wall Beds

Transform Any Room Into a Bedroom!

Living on the Emerald Coast makes your house a popular destination for friends and family. Your guest will be surprised and delighted at the ease and comfort of our wall bed, which magically transforms an office into a guest room!

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One of the advantages of living on the Emerald Coast is people love to come visit. This doesn't mean you need a bigger house, but a wall bed might be just the ticket. Under-used bedrooms can easily turn into a catch-all for stuff you don't know what to do with. Sleeping on a wall bed could add a special detail to a vacation memory.

And speaking of offices, CS Florida can help tame your technology, keeping power cords under wraps and electronics, like printers, hidden from view. With clutter free desk and easily accessible supplies, your home office is organized and you're prepared with work comes in.

Transform Your Closet into A Cozy Room With A Murphy Bed

Who doesn’t love the idea of magically pulling their bed out of the wall creating more free space? No matter what the size of your room murphy beds introduces a whole new concept when installing in a closet or room. Murphy beds are more than novel: They’re also perfectly practical. In small spaces with little room for everyday living a murphy bed can make even the most economically sized room spacious and inviting. In fact, with the addition of a murphy bed, your guest bedroom can do double duty as a home office or playroom — and it’s a whole lot cheaper than actually adding another room.

Murphy beds have long been a solution for apartments and small spaces. But they also work beautifully in larger homes to make a room or space multi-functional. The murphy bed was invented by William L. Murphy as a way to hide the bed in his one-room apartment so that he could have enough space to entertain. He created the Murphy Wall Bed Company in 1900 after applying for his first patent, and the rest is history.

Putting a murphy bed in your closet adds versatility to your bedroom, closet, or any room! Closet Solution Florida can even create new closets in your home with custom-made closets. But if you do have a closet and can spare the room, you can create a mini bedroom for guests!

All too often, we hear that homeowners aren’t maximizing the potential of certain rooms in their homes. If you have a single-use spare room, Closet Solutions Florida will transform the way you see the space. Our designs make it possible to organize and use the space as your home office or reading sanctuary, while still having the option to pull down a spare bed when you need it. Our murphy beds offer sleek and spacious storage space for your books, photos, knick-knacks and more, without crowding the possible space for a bed.

Vertical vs. Horizontal:

The vertical wall bed is what is most traditionally recognized as a Murphy Bed. Though it requires the ceiling be high enough to accommodate an upright bed, this orientation blends well into adjacent cabinetry, like bookcases. A horizontal wall bed is well-suited for rooms with lower ceilings (like an attic space) or rooms with a smaller footprint (into which the bed can lower).

Construction materials, styles, and finishes for Murphy Bed systems are as diverse as for any other cabinetry. From traditional to modern, from solid wood to melamine, there is likely a Murphy Bed to satisfy any design taste. It can become a lasting fixture in your home, hosting a lifetime of visiting family and friends, the entertainment of whom William L. Murphy would surely approve.