Garage Storage

Organized Tools, Gardening Supplies, Sports Equipment, etc.

Do you need help parking your car into the garage? Liberate your workspace into a purposeful room for storing tools, supplies, sporting equipment, & Holiday decorations. A personalized workbench & sturdy cabinets will hold up to the toughest hobbies & repairs. Hang often used tools on a slat wall to free up your workplace. Off the floor cabinets keep items protected from damp floors, work more efficiently & clean up quick.

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Personalizing Your Garage Storage Element

As a dedicated place for hobbies, repairs and storage, the garage acts as the ultimate multi-purpose space for your home. Without an excellent organization system, your garage can turn into a cluttered nightmare that you actively avoid. Thankfully, you can customize your garage storage elements to create a truly remarkable space for your whole family to enjoy. Acquire the help of our Closet Solutions Florida Consultants and Installers to organize your garage space once and for all.

Benefits of a Custom Garage Storage Design

Perhaps nothing builds frustration faster than looking high and low for the right tool or item and never finding it – Until you don’t need it anymore that is. With our assistance, you can ensure your tools and other items have their own dedicated space in your garage storage array, so you can find them in an instant. Although function remains at the forefront of our cabinet, shelf and storage element designs, their aesthetic value speaks volumes as well. With more than 30 woodgrain patterns and colors to choose from, you can make your garage look and feel accessible by remaining well organized at every turn.

Storage Elements Used to Organize Your Garage

We believe in utilizing vertical space in the garage to maximize your ability to store all of your items. We place custom arranged shelves, cabinets and drawers along the full length of your garage walls to create your ideal storage space. We can also work bike racks, tool storage panels and hardware bins into your design. We will help you create storage zones for your preferred items, such as sports equipment, car repair tools, woodworking equipment and much, much more. Our arrangement of your custom cabinets, shelves and drawers directly reflects the way you prefer to utilize your garage.

Design and Installation Process for Your Garage Storage

Our CS Florida Consultants will assess the state of your garage and learn more about your intended use of that space to start the design process. We reflect on your ideal garage storage layout before diving into the digital design process to create a space truly customized to your needs. You will have ample opportunities to share your insights and preferences while our team creates digital garage storage designs using our 3D software.

Once you select your hardware and finish materials, we send out the installation order and schedule a visit to your home. Our installers utilize more than a decade of experience to create your garage storage area using our high-quality building materials. Your garage will transform from a cluttered space to a well-organized storage and work area by the time we complete this process.

Acquiring a Custom Storage Design for Your Garage

If you are ready to take control of your garage by creating a custom storage layout, contact our team at Closet Solutions Florida today by calling 850-714-3851. We look forward to helping you transform your garage into a space you love to utilize to its fullest extent. Contact us today to start your journey toward the improvement of your garage storage space.