Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Rooms & Mudrooms

Do you resist doing laundry? Consider adding a functional working space and your favorite clothes will be clean & ready when you are. Embrace the flow of having one place to collect dirty clothes, then sort, wash, dry, fold and hang. Conquer sand, wet beach towels on the floor and most of all procrastination. Dirty clothes in, fresh clothes out, and it’s that easy!

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Clean Clothes Never Felt So Good

Has laundry become a chore? Ever thought it might just be your laundry room's fault? Storage for supplies and a clear counter for folding could turn procrastination into an act of self-care and efficiency. Bins for sorting and a hidden ironing station keep the process of laundry contained in one room.

Laundry Room Storage

Organization is key in minimizing the amount of time spent in the laundry room. When everything has its place, you can easily sort, wash, dry and fold your laundry in record time. With help from our in-house design and installation team, you can easily customize your existing laundry room with cabinets, shelves, hampers, storage racks and folding tables to create a unique workspace that meets your needs. You can even add hidden elements, like a flip out ironing board, to maximize your space while integrating useful tools into the design. When your laundry room design meets the needs of your household, you can easily integrate this chore into your daily routine.

Personalized Laundry Room Storage and Tools

From hampers to drying racks, having the right elements in your laundry room can help streamline this chore from start to finish. Your custom design may start with cabinets, drawers and countertops that you can use to store your soap, stain removers, softeners and other products you use on your laundry.

From there, you can further customize the design with slide-out bins, corner shelves and drying racks to hold your gear. The integration of lesser used items, such as ironing boards, further customizes the space to best support the needs of your household.

With our custom laundry room storage and tool elements, you can utilize every available inch in the room from floor to ceiling. Since every item is designed from scratch and built using custom materials, your laundry room will look and feel unlike any other in the world. You simply need to contact our skilled in-home design consultant to begin your journey toward a personalized laundry room design.

Acquiring an Organized Custom Laundry Space

Our in-house design consultants will need to come to your home to identify the laundry room elements that are most important to you. We will look at how you currently use your laundry space and listen to your ideas for improvements. Our designers will help you identify the storage and tool elements that will best resolve issues you encounter while storing dirty clothes, washing and drying the items, and then putting them away.

Upon identifying your exact needs, our designers will create custom computer aided drafting, or CAD, designs for your consideration. The 3D designs will show you exactly how your completed laundry room storage and workspace will look. In addition to picking your favorite design, you can select from over 30 woodgrain and solid colors to further customize the appearance of your laundry room. You can even choose the door, rod, hook and pull knob styles from our extensive collection of hardware.

After adding your finishing touches, our in-home designers will present a contract for your review. Once you sign and return the work order, the installation process will begin on the day you select. Our trained and experienced installers will expertly build your selected design in your laundry room. Your perfected layout will quickly appear right before your very eyes with most builds completed in a single day. Although more extensive designs take a little more time, you will surely feel impressed by the quick and accurate level of service you receive.

To start your journey toward the perfect laundry room storage and tool space, call 850-714-3851 to contact our team at Closet Solutions Florida for a free in-house design consultation today.