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Inspired Workspaces

Could you use a little less distraction? Organize your supplies and documents with a custom home office design. Your work space will be specific to your processes and profession. An efficient and inspiring work space will help you create, communicate and get your work done.

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Home Office Designs

Home office designs can have a direct impact on your productivity, your comfort, and even how you feel about working from home. At Close Solutions, we understand how important these spaces are, and we work closely with our clients to create customized home office designs that work with their unique needs and taste preferences.

In-Home Consultation

Your home office doesn't just exist in a bubble. It needs to be designed in a way that complements the rest of your home. Is it far enough away from noisy areas? Is it close enough to the kitchen or to the baby's nursery if you're juggling childrearing and working from home? So that we can answer all these questions and any other issues that pop up, we start with a free in-home consultation.

Custom Home Office Designs

In addition to identifying the right spot for your home office, we also consult with you to see what you need. If you have an existing home office, that's an easy place to start. We can make a list of all the features you use and love in that space. Then, we move onto a wish list. What are your dream features for your new home office? We also take into account the little details. For instance, whether you're right or left handed can dictate the layout of the home office design.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting

Once we have identified the best direction for your home office, we run everything into our CAD software. This software shows you a 3D proposal of your new home office. We can adjust things as needed or even start over if required. Our goal is to create a space that really speaks to you.

Finishing Touches

The layout is just one part of home office designs. After that is nailed down, there are a lot of little details. At Closet Solutions, we have more than 30 solid colors and a woodgrains available. We also have a variety of door designs and drawer faces, and of course, we can add in small organizational elements for everything from pens to folders to whatever you need in your space. You even get to select the pulls and hardware.