Just as people have different needs and personalities, so too do the closets in your home. While your bedroom closet might primarily store your business clothes and have a professional feel to it, your garage is the place to keep large items to use for a variety of purposes. Perhaps you feel that all of your closets are unorganized and could use professional help. Closet Solutions Florida is available to work with you to create custom closets for any room in your home or outdoor space.

Your Bedroom Closet

Walk-in closets are wonderful – that is, when you can actually walk in them. If yours is a combination of clothes, shoes, intimate apparel, jackets, and other miscellaneous items strewn about, we can help you implement several organizing systems. It starts with adjustable clothing rods for you to hang the clothes you have currently and then adjust it for seasonal changes and new purchases.

If you have an impressive shoe, hat, or handbag collection that could benefit from organization, we can incorporate that into our custom closets work. Two popular solutions include deep storage bins for purses and shoes and open cabinets or long sleeves to display shoe collections. When you are running late for work in the morning, you need to be able to see your shoe choices clearly so you can get out the door.

Custom Closets for the Laundry Room

People often dread doing laundry because it involves several different tasks and can seem so disorganized. While we cannot guarantee laundry will be fun, we can make it easier with a clear laundry room organization system. Our designers learn more about your needs and then create your customized shelves, folding tables, hampers for dirty clothes, and cabinets to store detergent, an ironing board, and more. An organized laundry room can make a huge difference because you spend less time on the chore and more on things you prefer to do.

Garage Organization

Is your garage a catch-all for items that are too large for your home or that you don’t know where else to store? You probably started out with the best intentions to keep it organized and then slowly lost control over the years.

Our custom closets experts can help you take that control back. We will design shelves, storage space, and other utilities to help you organize tools, lawn equipment, holiday decorations, and other items commonly found in a garage. The next time a project comes up, you can walk directly to the tools you need without wasting time looking for them in the clutter. What a great feeling that will be!

Kitchen Pantry

When you go to the pantry to make your favorite meal, not being able to find each of the ingredients you need is annoying. Our custom closets specialists will assist you with storing food, ingredients, pots, pans, silverware, and other kitchen items in neat, handy locations where you can find them. This leaves you with more counter space and the ability to clean up quickly after food prep and eating a meal.

These are just four areas of the home we can assist you with organizing. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the process of creating custom closets.