Five Ingenious Solutions to Organize Your Custom Closet Storage

Your custom closet storage needs a personal touch to maximize its use. In order to create the custom closet layout of your dreams, you need to have a clear vision of how you plan to organize your space. Once your dream becomes a reality, you will likely wonder how you ever went about your day without a custom closet storage. The following five ideas will help you determine the best ways to get the most out of your custom closet storage.

Showcase Your Iconic Shoe Style

The structure and styling of a well-made shoe demands a display fit for an iconic piece of art. An easy way to put your shoe front and center is to integrate long shelves and open cabinets into your design. Backlights behind the shoes will illuminate their silhouette, so you can easily select the pair that will best accentuate your outfit. Your shoes will retain their precise fit and gorgeous appearance while sitting free on your perfectly organized shelves.

Slide Out Baskets for Hats

To keep your collection of hats in pristine condition, you must store them in a location that ensures they retain their shape. Storing your hats incorrectly could result destroying the original integrity of the hat. Protect your hats from damage by integrating slide-out baskets in your closet design. The slide out baskets will hold the hats without compromising their original structure. Furthermore, you can easily store hats for every season in different sliding baskets for every spring and fall outfit.

Shallow Drawers for Intimates

Deep drawers can cause panties, lingerie and other intimate clothing to lie buried beneath the other pieces in your collection. You can keep your intimates organized and visible at a glance by adding shallow drawers to your closet design. The shallow drawers allow you to fold and store your intimate clothing in a single layer, rather than allowing the bulk of the items to sit well beneath the surface.

Adjustable Clothing Rods

As your personal tastes changes so should your personalized closet! Adjustable rods will help ensure your closet space will ensure seasonal and style changes of your wardrobe. As your items shift you can adjust the height of the rods to keep your dresses, slacks, blouses, and other items hanging free without being damaged or worn over time.

Customizable Handbag Cubbies

You probably have one ride or die handbag that will always be with you. The rest of your collection may shift and change with the seasons. To store your handbags for the long term without compromising their finish or structure, you will need modified handbag cubbies. You can maximize the number of handbags in your cubby by changing the width and height and depth of the cubby itself.

Acquiring Your Ideal Closet Storage Solutions

When you are ready to integrate a personalized storage space in your closet, contact our team at Closet Solutions Florida 850-714-3851. We will come to your home to measure the space and learn all about your exact needs. Using high-tech 3D design techniques, we will create personalized closet storage solutions that you can review and authorize before the installation process begins. Contact us today to get started.