Your garage had plenty of room for your vehicles and other items such as lawnmowers and ladders when you first moved into your home. As the years have gone by, it seems like your garage has only gotten smaller. The problem is not necessarily that you have too much stuff. It is more likely that you just need to organize it better. This starts with making a decision to declutter and determine the best garage storage systems.

Everything in Your Garage Should Have a Purpose

The garage, much like the attic and basement closets, often becomes a dumping ground for things that you or a family member might not need at the moment but do not want to get rid of either. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget about it when you do not look at it every day and it does not force you to decide what to do with it. When decluttering your garage, it is easiest to start with the large items such as old bicycles, computers that no longer work, and exercise equipment that no one is likely to use again. Find out if your city allows you to throw away these items, consider donating them, or hire a junk hauler.

Once the big stuff is out of the way, it is time to clean and organize the garage as well as decide on the most efficient garage storage systems. Walk around the garage and pick up obvious garbage like old papers and piles of leaves. When the garage starts to look presentable to you, think about how you might like to organize your garage storage systems into zones. For example, you can create a specific place in the garage to store the following:

  • Lawn equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Gardening supplies
  • Tools
  • Paint, oil, and other liquids
  • Holiday decorations

You may find that this becomes the most challenging aspect of organizing your garage. If so, there is no need to abandon your project. Just contact Closet Solutions Florida for help instead.

Setting up Efficient Garage Storage Systems Starts with Scheduling a Free Consultation

You look at your garage and see a disorganized mess. We look at it and see an opportunity to create a new type of storage system. Our first priority when visiting your garage is helping you set in up in such a way that you know where everything is when you need to use it. We can help you establish a workstation for your projects as well as other areas for storage.

One thing we do especially well is make use of the available vertical space in your garage. After customizing cabinets, drawers, and shelves to ensure that they match the color and d├ęcor of your garage, we place them in the vertical space to free up more room for you to move about freely. We also make liberal use of space savers such as bicycle racks and hardware bins.

Contact Closet Solutions Florida to request a personal consultation. Our organization specialists use 3D software to help to create customized garage storage solutions and then get to work after receiving your approval.