Like many homeowners, you may feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your closets and have decided that the new year is the perfect time to get them organized. You don’t have to tackle the task alone when you work with Closet Solutions Florida. We help people create custom closets in the living room, bedrooms, front entry way, home office, or any other closet in your home that you want to organize.

Options When Designing Your Custom Closets

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to organizing the closets in their home. For example, one customer may have a large shoe collection, another a large hat collection, and a third just needs as much space as possible to organize clothes. Closet Solutions Florida understands this and wants to see you excited to have the closet of your dreams. Here are just some of the options we offer you:

  • Adjustable rods for your clothing collection: You can move both the height and width of your clothing rod to accommodate different clothing collections or make room for more.
  • Cubbies for storing your purses: Although you may have a favorite purse, you also want the option to choose one that matches your outfit as well as the occasion. Customized cubbies offer a simple solution.
  • Shallow drawers to keep your undergarments wrinkle-free: Storing your undergarments in a single layer keeps the wrinkles away and allows you to find what you need quickly in the morning.
  • Shelving for shoes: Open cabinets, long shelves, and backlighting make choosing the perfect pair of shoes to compliment an outfit a snap.
  • Slide-out hat baskets: This brilliant solutions allows your hats to retain their original shape and gives you a central location for your entire collection.

Understanding the Process of Receiving Custom Closets

When you invite us to your home, the first thing our organization specialist does is analyze the available space in the closets and take inventory of all items you would like to store inside of it. For the next step, your specialist will take measurements of your closet and snap three-dimensional photos to help with the organizational planning stages. We encourage you to share your vision for an organized closet along with your design preferences as early in the planning stage as possible.

We give you the opportunity to select your preferred layout for each of the custom closets in your home. That is an important first step because it aids you in selecting the best design materials to go with it. Remember that you are the one in charge of this project. You can choose a layout and design that hides everything from view or one that keeps most things out in the open in a more organized fashion.

Your professional organizer will get right to work designing your custom closets after receiving all of your input. It typically takes no more than several days to complete the custom design and organization process. You can feel confident that the people working on your home closets have several years of experience and feel passionate about helping people in this manner. Please contact us today to request your free consultation.