January, the month of fresh starts and resolutions. That is until you catch a glimpse of latest Netflix series or see a sale on your favorite guilty pleasure. At Closet Solutions Florida we get it, life is busy and as much as we want to lose that weight or save that money it can easily slip through the cracks once the holiday fassad fades and normal routine begins. We believe that 2019 is your year, the year that is different! That is why we got with our Lead Storage Designer, Bronwyn Landis, to get the scoop on her Top 5 Tips on getting organized this new year.

1. Get rid of, or donate, things that no longer serve you.

Old clothes that haven’t been worn in months or years serve no purpose taking up space in your closet, or on your floor. If you are storing clothes outside of your closet that you never wear, go through them and get rid of what you no longer use. You don’t use what you don’t see. Same concept with shoes and accessories. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, decide if they still serve you in the future. Make room for what you may wear in the future.

2. Clean out the pantry.

Go through the pantry and get rid of expired foods. Store items where they can be easily seen and accessible. Store flour, sugar, and powders in a clear canister with a label and get rid of the big bulky bags and boxes. Again, you don’t use what you can’t see. Organize products in a way you would use them, i.e. baking supplies, oils, condiments, snacks, etc.

3. Clean out “junk” in the garage.

A lot of times the garage becomes a dumping space for items you’re not sure about. Get rid of old worn out toys, chairs, tools, etc. Try to see as much of the floor space as possible. Lots of items in garages can be hung, which will help you visualize what is no longer needed.

4. Utilize the laundry room.

In a laundry room, use baskets for cleaning supplies that are “grab and go.” Keeping things in a more organized fashion makes it easier to do tasks. Store old towels or dust cloths in baskets so they aren’t thrown all over a shelf. Organize any additional hangers that you may use in the future. Get rid of old ones you won’t hang your clothes on.

5. Declutter.

In a home office, playroom, bonus room, etc. use drawers or baskets to store smaller items so they are off the floor. Use bookshelves to store baskets if you don’t have shelving in the room. Group like items so they are easy to be found. Keep the floor as clean as possible and hide wires to tvs and electronics. Murphy beds are a great way to utilize the room for guests if you need to.