What good is an organized closet if you have nothing fabulous to store in it? This is exactly why Closet Solutions loves working with Amy Giles! Amy is the creator of Wardrobe Made Simple, a personal styling service. Her love of fashion and passion for helping others build confidence were the catalysts behind her company. Amy sets out to help clients “find their chic” by acknowledging the uniqueness and needs of each individual and using this to develop a personal style that is all their own. Wardrobe Made Simple offers a wardrobe refresh, closet clean out or shopping expertise through a personal styling experience that can build confidence in the daily task of getting dressed for all occasions.

Amy’s favorite thing about fashion is that it is always ever changing and a great way to express yourself. Growing up with a twin sister and younger brother, Amy was always the shopping fanatic, ready to try out the latest trends. Friends and Family encouraged their “go-to girl” for style questions to do what she loves and that led to the birth of Wardrobe Made Simple.

With a long history in healthcare sales, Amy knows both street-style fashion as well as professional dress. Closet Solutions have clients that need both! Improving the lives, and confidence, of the customers we serve is the heart and soul of both companies. This is why teaming up with Amy Giles is one of our favorites! We know that our clients love an organized closet space, but what makes a new personalized closet better is a new wardrobe to fit in it? If you are in need of a customized space and a personal style makeover then look no further than Closet Solutions and our friend Amy Giles!