Home designers often just pop in closets as formless areas with a hanging rod and possibly some shelves, but for your sake, your closet should be more than an afterthought. It should be artfully designed to enhance the organization of your life. Small changes to your closet design can make a big impact on organization and useable space.

Establish Unique Spaces for Different Items

Every item you store in your closet should have its own distinct spot. To that end, you need unique spaces for different items. For instance, if you’re working on a closet design for a bedroom, you may want one area that can hold hanging shirts, and a separate area for full length dresses, long coats, and other long items. By keeping these items in different spaces, you ensure that everything has a place to go, but you also optimize your space because you don’t waste a lot of height for your short hanging items such as shirts.

Don’t Forget the Drawers

Great closet design goes beyond shelves and hanging rods. Most closets can also benefit from having some drawers. In a bedroom closet, drawers are perfect for storing socks, undergarments, scarves, or other relatively small items that may get lost in the shuffle on the shelves. With a crafting closet, drawers can hold stacks of paper, hole punchers, stickers, or a variety of other crafting supplies. In a sporting goods closet, they might hold special socks, first aid kits, golf and ping pong balls, or anything small that needs to be organized.

Open Up the Space

When you think of closet design, don’t just think about storage spaces. Also consider accessibility. If you have a deep closet with a single door, the cave-like design can be challenging to organize, and you may want to see if you can open up the space by putting in bi-fold or French doors. If not, your closet designer should be able to help you come up with an innovative way to use the space, regardless of just having a single door.

Remember Your Shoes

With all the nice combinations of drawers, rods, shelves, and baskets, some people forget to create an area for their shoes. Your shoes are a critical part of any ensemble, and to pull everything together perfectly, you need a spot for them. Some people put in shelves so they can see their footwear at eye height. Others put their shoes on the ground in shoe trees, or they hang them from the door. Ultimately, you just need to find the option that works for you.

Think About Moveable Parts

If possible, you may want to integrate some moving parts into your closet design. In particular, storage solutions that work like a lazy Susan can help to optimize the space. You can hang ties or necklaces or other items on a structure attached to a revolving pedestal, and then, when you hit the button, it spins so that you can see all your options.

To get help finding the perfect closet design for your busy lifestyle, you should work with the pros. To set up a consultation, contact us at Closet Solutions Florida today.