Every modern business needs a closet storage system that can seamlessly accommodate the increasing needs of a growing company. And, as a business manager, you know that to most efficiently accomplish your goals requires identifying the best talent in specific fields to serve your purposes.

You’re currently experiencing the outcome of using a organizer closet or storage systems that has remained beyond its capacity. Transforming your existing business storage means delivering a system that is easy to maintain—one that will stay organized. A highly experienced professional office closet organizer can produce a state-of-the-art storage system that ideally suits the unique needs of your businesses.

Professional storage designers undergo years of training to put systems in place that help groups get optimally organized. They also know the common triggers that cause us to accumulate clutter—and they know how to circumvent those triggers.

Benefits of a Professionally Organized Office Storage System

The effects of having a professional organizer help you improve the organization of your workplace storage areas not only creates additional usable space within the same cubic area, it can also deliver a much more sustainable office storage system that:

  • • Streamlines processes
  • • Increases team efficiency
  • • Saves operating time
  • • Saves payroll expense
  • • Reduces errors
  • • Increases convenience
  • • Improves team morale
  • • Increases customer service quality and satisfaction
  • • Increases repeat and referral business
  • • Increases revenues

Starting an Office Storage Closet Organizing Project

Begin by eliminating all items that can be thrown away and send them for recycling or confidential recycling, as appropriate. After this has been accomplished, start your search for a qualified business storage organizer in your local area.

It is recommended that you set up consultations with several organizers to obtain cost estimates for your storage design project. Go to the NAPO directory, and search by your local area for professional organizers. The directory spans 24 different countries, so it’s the best place to start your search.

Cost of an Office Closet Project

Cost varies between professionals. Fees and other project costs can be structured in a number of ways. Some organizers charge hourly, whereas others charge a set rate based on the project size. Costs will include estimates of the organizer’s time and effort, materials and construction labor, and other costs.

Typical rates currently break down to a cost in the range of $55 to $85 per hour for the designer’s work, plus costs of materials and building contractors. As with any capital project, before you allow any work to begin, be sure you get all cost estimates in writing up-front.

An experienced professional organizer should be able to provide you with a reasonably accurate price range before the start of the project. As with any project, some unexpected costs may arise, so allow a little room in your budget for the project for contingencies.

Choosing the Right Professional Organizer

The most effective closet organizer is a professional well-trained to help you and your team achieve and maintain a much more functional work storage space. Here are some of the interview questions you should ask your prospective office storage closet organizing contractor:

  • • What training have you received?
  • • What are your areas of specialization?
  • • What certifications do you hold?
  • • Will this project require a construction contractor outside your company?
  • • What materials and supplies do you estimate that this project will require?
  • • How long will the proposed project take to complete, including cleanup?
  • • What are your fee and total costing structures?
  • • What do I and my staff need to do regarding this project?
  • • Do you have photos of past projects?
  • • Do you have references whom I can contact?

Choose a professional organizer who has years of experience, an abundance of previous projects to show you, and multiple excellent references that you can check. Also, select someone whom you think will strive to accommodate your business’s unique needs and who will be generally easy to work with.

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